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Hi! Im Sharon Kaufmann! Welcome to my website...I will share my Shaklee story, I had been sick for awhile... panic attacks, my nerves were raw! It was bad I didnt want to be with people:(  I prayed alot about it & I didnt Know what to do!!!My friend introduced me to Karen Hurd a Nutritionist. I started a new diet:) & then a friend told me about Shaklee & I listened and I found out my Nutritionist recomended Basic H from Shaklee.... That was a start!!! Then I started buying some Shaklee products.... Then my friend thought I should try being a Shaklee Distributor so I joined the Shaklee team! Shaklee is wonderful!!!  My husband & I take the vitalizer strip, my children take Incredivites and the Vita Lea... We use the Basic H to shower or bathe in, we use it to clean everything, its my favorite product!!! We use the laundry soap, the dish soap, & the hand wash!!!  Whats great is we dont have to shop Walmarts cosmetics anymore and I get Shaklee delivered to my door:))) AND WE ARE WELL!!!  Thank God for Shaklee and Karen Hurd! My husband didnt have to take any Nyquil this winter!!!